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Who are we?
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The studio Ş. is a space founded in September 2018, which celebrates its opening and first series of events in November 2018. The space in Kalvarienberggasse 19 is organized collectively and defines itself as a co-working space, studio, art space, exhibition space and socially as living space. In this space, the fault lines of social coexistence should be questioned and researched together. All marginalized people who are affected by intersectional discrimination are invited to co-design this space. The aim is to set the focus of the work on current and conceptual work, creation in collective spaces, exhibition, visualization and the exchange of knowledge. So the room is not only open and accessible to all those people, but actively invites them to appropriate this. Existing working groups or newly educated people who do not have a space or are not visible in the life of the city can visit the studio Ş. plan events and lead workshops. The space was initiated by people who come from different disciplines and explore together the collective coexistence through artistic approaches. All those who are interested in participating, are invited to contact us. Donations are very appreciated, as the newly founded space is self-organized and receives no funding yet.

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